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Matériel pour fabrication de monture sur mesure

Frame's maker workshop Logic Frame

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Machine CNC / CNC machine
4.500,00 €(4.500,00 €)

The machine

This little CNC is building in France

Her size (40x40x40) is adapted for frame's cutting and small's workshops.

This specific design was created to be showed in shops.

It's selling with 

The software Logic Suite

to have many options

- Cutting and engraving faces and temples to make tailored's frames.

- Cutting solar clips

- Cutting and engraving lenses

Manufacturing frames, cuttin and engraving acetate, horn, or wood's faces and temples 

Really easy to use and build to make infinity of tailored's frames

Perfectly adapted for this type of work, the software had all the options to draw and to take measures.

You can start to draw on white page or reproduce a shape with some shapes saved. You can import your drawing too if you work on another software.

Somes minutes are just necessary to understand the software

The functions

Cutting acetate and horn's plates and temples. You can drill other material if you have the good tools.

Engraving plates and temples

Cutting Solar clip

Cutting lenses

The differents tools

We tested, selected and made differents tools to simplify the process to make a frame.

The Toupie is using to make the groove and to cut the angles arround the frames. So, this machine is really necessary.

Appareil à former le pont is a machine to shape the bridge and curve the face

Optilime is important to make a perfect adjustment between face and temple

the polishing machine with trumblr make uniform the sanding and polishing of frames

L'appraeil a couper les branches is using to cut the temples with angle

The polishing machine is an ideal tool to finishes, it can remove the trumbler but youll work longer on it

The devices to take the measures of nose are really important to make a frame

And a lot more tools to create your frame easyer.

Come to discover those at our shop in Paris. We organize training day or demonstration for free. 

PTo have more informations on the workshop, you can contact us by email

 or download directly here with the purchase order