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We offer 12 types of clips.

Gray, brown and green gray in categories 3 or 4, available with or without polarization.

Polarization eliminates glare and reduces glare without changing hue. Potentially incompatible with some gps screens if the screen is already polarized itself.

Brown is rather advised to myopic.

Copper and yellow are categories 2, which filter the uv just as much, but let more light pass.

The night yellow is suitable for activities in low light, to lighten the vision, it is also ideal for driving at night.
brun foncéGris vertgris vert foncé
cuivrejaunejaune nuit

Dimensions of the frame. Be careful to follow the schema method Width in mm High in mm

How to take a picture of your mount

Place the mount on a neutral surface, such as a white sheet of paper.
The branches open and in the air.
Take the picture in the axis of the face and about 30 cm.
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