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ColorClip - Clips solaires sur mesure

Custom Sunscreen polarized or not

Custom solar clipon

Adaptable on 100% of the glasses

9 colors available with or without polarization

As efficient and filtering as solar glasses

Made to measure in relation to the shape of your glasses, it is ultra light and is fixed thanks to flexible hooks

Delivered in 24 / 48h

You can also use the same method with a printed purchase order

Your are a professional, intresting in distribution

How it works

Clip on method 1

The must simple method

You just have to include an order form on you web site.

Professional or individuals will just have to give the desirated color, width, height dimensions and a picture

very easy, they will receive the custom clipon with its case, a bag of assorted hooks without shipping costs

it' also possible to use this method with an order form in paper version.

Clipon method 2

With this method you will have to provide a photo shooting kit and a software and

opticians will just have to take a picture, design the custom shape and send the file to you.

in any case we will help you to choose your method and understand how it works.

We already have distributors in some countrys


Raw Clipon polarized sizes

Raw Clipon non polarized sizes

Pre-cut Masks

Order some pre cuts shapes, you will just have to put some hooks


Colorclip's accessories

12 Ponts Bruns / 12 brown bridges
57,00 €(57,00 €)
12 Ponts noirs / 12 Black bridges
57,00 €(57,00 €)